Where: Judson Memorial Church

entrance at 239 Thompson close to Washigton Square Park, Manhattan

when: March 24 (Tuesday) at 7pm






9th Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair – date and location confirmed


The NYC Anarchist Book Fair will be returning to Judson Memorial Church on Sat., April 18, 2015—the same location where the annual event was first held nine years ago. The book fair will bring publishers, designers, writers, artists, musicians, and activists from all over North America to this historic location in Greenwich Village—the neighborhood that is one of the birthplaces of the anarchist movement in the US.


What: 2015 Annual NYC Anarchist Book fair

Where: Judson Memorial Church,  55 Washington Square South, in Manhattan

When: Sat., April 18, 11am-6pm


The NYC Anarchist Book Fair is free to the public. It provides a safe space for activists to meet and organize and where the anarcho-curious can get informed about a movement against capitalism and the State that is central to many of the most important political and cultural currents of our time. Besides exhibits by anarchist publishers, artisans, and organizers, the book fair will feature panels and workshops on a wide range of topics, from anarchist history, theory, and politics to economics, culture, social movements, and art.


Exhibitors: For further information, please email us at Application form available at

Speakers and panelists: For further information, please email us at Application forms for panels, talks, skillshares, and other presentations available at


Remember, diversity is important to us: we are committed to promoting voices typically underrepresented at mainstream and activist conferences alike whether for reasons of race, ethnicity,gender, sexuality, age, income or ability.


Once again, the NYC Anarchist Art Festival and the NYC Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Brad Will, will be held in conjunction with the book fair. In addition, on Sun., April 19, the book fair organizing collective will host a follow-up gathering of anarchist activists from across New York City. Location and other details on these additional events to follow.


For more information about the 2015 New York City Anarchist Book Fair, please email Details including participating exhibitors and times of panels, workshops, and other events will be posted at




As many of you know, The New York City Anarchist Book Fair Collective is a small group of diligent individuals who make all this happen for you, and with that we love you all for coming out in making this a well known cultural event.  We solely depend on our visiting book vendors and donations from the general public to cover the costs associated in making the book fair happen every year.


If there are any questions please feel free to contact us at nycabf [at]  If you are looking to table at next year's Book Fair please email us at nycabf-tables [at]  If you are looking to volunteer please email us at nycabf-volunteer [at]

Much love!

NYC Anarchist Book Fair Collective