"We from the NYC Anarchist Bookfair would like to apologize regarding the workshop "What is gender? Understanding Gender Theory, Patriarchal Systems and Political Social Economic Impact" with Priya Reddy, Fran Luck and Rosita Libre de Maru. We were not informed about the problematic content of the presentation until right before the Bookfair. As the collective is run entirely by volunteers we were unable to do due diligence in researching the positions of each presenter. This is not a justification. Just some context.

The participant roster was changed last minute by the panel organizer. The collective was not aware of the presenters transphobic politics until the day before our event. When we realized who the participants were the collective decided against allowing the presentation but were unable to enforce the rule as it was already so late in our planning. We consider what happened to be a really serious violation of our collective politic and we are implementing new strategies so that this can not happen again. To help ensure this, we are looking for and reaching out to more anarchist LGBTQ members to collaborate with in building our next book fair and to make sure problems like this do not repeat themselves. Thank you for your decade of support

ABF Collective.


a gift from our fellow in Paris -David Grimaldi Spitzer To NYC anarchist Book fair 2016











For the 10th  year Anniversary we are publishing a book about our history. 

Including essays, pictures, posters, etc. 

by AK Press

(buy the book here )

                                                                                        cover by Lucy Valkury


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